What We Do

Low Voltage Cabling for New or Existing Offices:

  • Over 20 years experience installing data, phone and cable TV wiring.
  • Leviton Educated Cable Consultants and Installers.
  • Low voltage cabling installations compatible with all your imaging equipment.
  • Full service installation team that will work with you or your contractor to understand what is needed.

Network and System Assessment and Design:

  • Free Technology Survey of existing cabling, network, server, workstations and imaging systems in use.
  • Free Technology cost plan with assessment of current system life cycle and hardware replacement plan.
  • Free Technology cost plans for new office construction.

Superior Support:

  • Prompt attention to all your computer hardware and sofware support issues.
  • Available a variety of ways call, text or email us!
  • Customer directed remote access into your system for troubleshooting as you attach to us.
  • Expert advice on backup systems and setup. Ask about our Cloud based solution Front Line.
  • Dental and veterinarian system support related to your software and hardware.

Technology Service Work & Treatment Plans:

  • Hardware capability with current dental or veterinarian software.
  • System maintanance and software updates.
  • Adding new printers or scanners.
  • Virus scans and removal.
  • Hardware maintanance: power supplies, memory ugrades, hard drive replacements.
  • BB Tech custom provided servers and hardware.
  • Purchasing assistance for top name hardware you can buy direct.

Compatibility Assessment of New or Current Imaging Systems:

  • Former dental supply technology advisor with over 20 years experience.
  • Dental and veterinarian Imaging software integration advice.
  • Practice Management Software Updates.
  • Going paperless.

Consulting for New Office Construction, Telecommunications, and Business Partners

  • Project coordination consulting for new office constuction.
  • Telecommunication system consultation for phone, Internet and Cable TV.
  • Referrals to key business partners for financing, digital phone systems, audio systems, and security.
  • Assistance with future purchases of dental imaging equipment.

We can clean up anyone’s mess…